About Us

With the advancement of a technology-driven world, the nurturing of creative and innovate thinkers has become a must to prepare students for the future.

robocoach is educInvestment’s initiative to promote new exciting opportunities to inspire learners from a young age to become creative thinkers and prepare them for future challenges to become more productive members of society.

robocoach is an accredited Educational Institution with SLC No. 12461, issued by the Ministry of Education in Malta.


Robotics and Coding?

  • Instils Creative Problem Solving

  • Fun, Hands-On Activities and Challenges

  • Adopts a STEM-based curriculum approach

  • Fosters Confidence, Communication Skills and Team Building

  • Robotics is changing the jobs market

  • Provides Skills Useful In Future Employment

  • An Investment for a sustainable future

What is


It is the place for robotics and coding beginners and enthusiasts to interact with each other, whilst offering coding and robotics classes in a fun and encouraging atmosphere.

robocoach allow students to learn and apply their STEAM education both inside and outside the classroom. The experience is an ideal platform for students requiring guidance and coaching to enter into an academic, competition and employment world of robotics. We motivate learners by breaking the journey into visible bite-sized steps to encourage learning.

In all our courses we use professional, world renowned products in the robotics & coding field. We’ve fostered long-term relationships with these companies to ensure our courses are always built around the most innovative and technology.

In all our classes, attendees are grouped in teams to work together in order to plan and build solutions to address a challenge. This approach helps attendees build friendships, confidence, team spirit and collegiality.

Want to join our team?

Our team’s experience helps set us apart. Our team of education specialists and super-techies’ act as fire starters to instil curiosity and creativity. Every course is designed according to STEM principles to encourage effective learning.

We’re always on the lookout for passionate people to join us in helping shape the future of learning.

Our work is making a difference in how the new generations approaches challenges. Be part of this revolution!

If you are interested in joining our growing team of dedicated professionals, please contact us.